Y.E.S. Skincare's Founder

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of personal style, clothing & jewelry design, Linda Eastwood understands the female consumers who are frustrated with the fashion media. Linda saw a need and produced programs and products to satisfy that need. In her widely read book, Simple Solutions for Women! (diet & exercise not required), Ms. Eastwood challenged the fashion advice that is geared to runway models. She said, "They focus on the narrow segment of women that have perfect figures, are young and economically affluent. I believe that women of all sizes and ages can feel and look good, at a reasonable price."

As a fashion and marketing executive, Linda was asked to reposition a specialty line of skin care products for a firm who wholesaled a very expensive product line to Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. Eastwood attacked this new assignment with the same energy and dedication that she has always employed. Eventually, the firm's owners asked Linda to buy into the firm as an equal partner and run it. As CEO of the skin care company, Linda directed the firm to new highs and expanded markets. What she wanted though, was to develop a line of products, equal or better in the beneficial results they produced, at price-points needed to enter the competitive retail marketplace.

With the firm's scientists and chemists, Linda developed new formulas for the products. The plan was close to fruition when her partners did an about face and made the decision not to invest further in the new product line. Linda's career guiding goal has always been to provide women with practical and reliable information on products and services. As quoted in the media so many times, she said "It's about real help for women.”

Eastwood knew the new formulas for her products were exactly this; Real help for women. And so, Linda negotiated her exit from the firm she had built over the previous five years and now owns the formulas, trademarks and patents for her new product lines.

And now this author, designer & style expert has done it again! Just say, "Y.E.S." to great looking skin! The exclusive formulas for the Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare® line of skin care products are offered on line at www.yesskincare.com.

Linda Eastwood continues to inspire, motivate and train others to transform their lives with products and information they can trust.

Personal Recommendations

"One hour with Linda is better than 10 years with a psychiatrist!"
- Sandra (a woman that resided in the Safe Passage shelter for abused women that Linda has helped.) Los Angeles, CA

"I have always appreciated your service and the quality of your products. I know that your plans to embrace women with informational materials will be a great success."
- Ivana Trump.

"On behalf of Camp Pendleton Armed Services YMCA, THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of selfless volunteer work you did to execute the first-ever ball gown giveaway. 323 women actually tried on and received a lovely fitted ball gown!"
- Marjorie Love, Executive Director, Armed Service YMCA/Camp Pendleton.

"My hat's off to Linda Eastwood a truly talented and dedicated woman. I admire her creativity and tenacity and I wish her great success."
- Kathy Lee Gifford.

"Linda Eastwood's weekly fashion segments have been proven to be one of the most popular features on our morning show. She has the uncanny ability to translate a lifetime of learning into practical pointers that can change the average viewer's wardrobe from humdrum to elegant in minutes. Her advice is particularly useful for today's working woman who often must juggle a variety of looks with a variety of roles during the course of every business day."
- Steve Weakly, Executive Producer KUSI Morning News, San Diego, CA