“I have been using Y.E.S. (Young Essential Skincare) Anti-Aging Serum for about a month now, and I am very impressed. I think this serum would be a great step to add to just about any skin care regimen you are currently using. Just a few drops of Y.E.S. Anti-Aging Serum daily yields noticeable results in less than a month.

Almost instantly I noticed my skin was smoother, tighter, and more radiant. The serum absorbs into your face relatively quickly leaving skin exceptionally soft. It is a pleasure to use the serum each day, especially on my forehead, where I tend to have fine lines. This serum is so versatile that it is perfect for women of any age, and with a wide range of skin concerns. Whether you are dealing with acne, scars, dullness, age spots, wrinkles, lines, or skin sensitivities, Y.E.S is for you!

-What’s Haute Beauty Review by Allison Croce

I am 30, quite young I am always told . . . . But my skin doesn’t feel so young! I never cared for my skin when I was younger and now you can see the damage! Sun damage, never was I one to wear a sun block! My skin tone is un-even, but let me tell you . . . . With Y.E.S. my skin is looking BEAUTIFUL and young again, like it’s supposed to!

I am honestly amazed by these products, and the Y.E.S. Anti-aging Serum is no different. This as well is a little goes a LONG way and your skin, OMG will feel so soft and silky! It will leave you looking FLAWLESS!”

Don’t we all need flawless skin?? . . . or at least WANT flawless skin? Ladies, I’m telling you these products are amazing!”

-Beauty Editor at Barefoot Mommies.com

“I started using my sample on a couple of pre cancer spots on my face after seeing my Doctor. In three days they were gone just in time for a breakfast that I had to attend. My face looked so smooth that several women at the meeting asked what I had been doing since I looked like I had been on vacation! This was amazing since I only had 2 hours sleep the night before and had been up since 5:00 a.m., to church at 6:00 then the breakfast.

Late in the afternoon I stopped by Macy’s to pick up eye makeup and asked for the wrong item; after apologizing to the sales clerk for being tired she said she would have never known by the way I looked. She wanted to know my skincare routine and I couldn’t wait to tell her what I was using. It’s a wonderful product!” 

-Delores Logan, Anaheim, CA


“The Eyes . . . You’re stressed and you’ve lost sleep, and the No. 1 place where it’s going to show: your eyes. There is no product on the market that’s going to be better than eight hours of sleep.

Yep, they’re pricey ($20 for a set), but there’s nothing like peeling them away and revealing smooth, flawless skin underneath. I’d highly recommend this product, as long as you’re not allergic to shellfish.”

-Ms. Mari Talbliss – Exclusively Weddings


“Younger looking skin, smoother texture, more confidence and less time required to get ready for the day! I experienced the Y.E.S. skincare and really enjoyed the smooth texture, easy slip, gentle scent of botanicals and absorption that was quick and silky into my skin.

Sooooo….from my opinion, the duo is worth a try and you and you can help other’s while helping yourself, Angel Faces a charity that helps women with severe facial disfigurements. For more information or to purchase YES and have it support Angel Faces, visit the link: Angel Faces Charity”

-Cherelynn Baker, Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert

“With the steep prices of spas and the dangers associated with Botox, many women are looking for an alternative method to keep their beautiful skin. Looking for that youthful glow? Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare is the answer to the many questions that women have about enhancing their complexion. Young Essential Skincare also offers fantastic rejuvenating eye patches, which are a problem area for many women. Lines, darkened circles, and puffiness are all very unattractive. In just minutes, Y.E.S. relieves all signs of fatigue!”

“If you haven’t tried Y.E.S. yet, darling it’s time you gave it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

-HauteMimi International Editor: Therese Quiao


“I wrote about Y.E.S. Skincare back in June which I have been using faithfully and can honestly say it works and may indeed be the fountain of youth in a jar.

Even my facialist noticed the difference when she saw me three weeks after starting the regimen. Very effective with Patti’s stamp of approval.”

-Patti Covello, Beauty Writer


I am very particular and sensitive about skin care. I just cleansed my face and applied one of your samples. I am SOOOO impressed! Most products on the market are so greasy. YES is so light and feels so wonderful.

The fragrance is mild as well. I have a Christmas party tomorrow night where I will be seeing one of my favorite estheticians; I plan on giving her some to try. I love your product and your packaging is amazing!”

-Margie Meehan, Long Beach, CA


“I love having two products that do the work of many…..it is easy to apply morning and night and the cream just rolls on like velvet”.

I am a former beauty queen, model and BIG CONSUMER OF FACIAL PRODUCTS over the years and I have used everything from Erno Lazlo to La Prairie. I love your product!”

-Copper St James, La Jolla, CA

I’m usually a tough critic when it comes to skincare products. It’s been confirmed that most skincare lines don’t do what they claim to do. BUT I recently tried the Y.E.S. skincare line for 1-month, which includes a 1) Rejuvenating Moisture Cream and 2) Anti-Aging Serum, and I have to say that it really stood out. 

Overall, what I love most about the Y.E.S. Skincare line is that it goes on incredibly smooth and feels delicious on your skin. I’m a big fan of skincare that works dually for AM/PM use and which holds up and doesn’t get greasy while you’re working out. The packaging makes both the serum and moisturizer easy to travel with too. I take them with me in my gym bag when I know I’m going to shower in the locker room. If you’re on the fence about Y.E.S., just say YES because it’s a divine skincare line.

-Bianca Jade/ MizzFIT (mizzfit.com)

“I am highly skeptical about anti-aging products. Being of Cherokee decent, I have had small dark circles under my eyes since I was two years old and I’ve always appeared older because of this.

I noticed a difference in my skin tone on the second day of using these products. The dark circles under my eyes appeared to have lightened and my skin had a fresh glow to it. On the third day, three different strangers told me that I looked young for my age (while being carded for cigarettes, go figure) or wondered aloud about what had me in such a good mood.

I’ve been using the Y.E.S. products for almost two weeks now, and I see a definite difference. Overall, I would recommend trying this product out for yourself, as I plan on continuing to use it!”

-Audrey Seiberling Beauty Editor, Plasticsurgery.com

I’m thrilled! I have been using Y.E.S. for almost 2 months now and I could not be happier!

I have some scarring on my face which always bothered me. Since I have been using Y.E.S., I have to look for the scar in the mirror instead of my eyes going right to it. I hardly notice it at all.

Prior to using Y.E.S., I had been reading about the benefits of Seabuckthorn. One article even called it a “fountain of youth” so I was extremely pleased to find out that Seabuckthorn was an ingredient in Y.E.S. I highly recommend this product.

-Kimberly Miller – Stanton, CA


“I love products that are already packaged to meet the “liquids in carry on luggage” requirements (oh so strict) for airline travel. Try these products from Y.E.S. (Young Essential Skincare) on your next trip. In the transitional fall season when skin can get dry and flaky and just plain blah, these essentials can help keep you from looking like your alligator skin luggage!”

Y.E.S. Anti-Aging Serum – “Use it again on clean skin before bed for a truly healing overnight experience."  Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream – “This moisture cream is a dry-skinned-gal’s best friend, it is not at all greasy and is perfect under makeup or on its own.”

-Dana Harrison-Tidwell – Editor, diva in a carry on

“I received your skin care products and I really do like them quite a bit! I’m a skin care consultant and really like the two easy steps which your products offer as they save me a lot of time. My skin feels great – soft, smooth and although I have good skin, there’s always opportunities to make it better; I think they’re really great.

I will also pass the information on to my sister and another acquaintance too.”

-Janet O’Connor, President- O’Connor Creative Inc.

“Y.E.S. is one of the most impressive products I have seen. I have very sensitive skin, compounded with occasional breakouts of rosacea. I have never found a product that actually soothes the skin and calms the inflammation to the point where there is no visible redness. All of this, in addition to providing unprecedented moisturization! Please keep making this product!”

-Jane Carroll, Encinitas, CA

“I’m using the products going on 3 days now! I love the products, my skin seems smoother already…will keep you posted! I’m sending some to girlfriends…

(2nd submission – sent two weeks later) Linda – I LOVE the products! I hope your products get in every magazine and on the face of every actress in town!” 

-Anna Vocino, Los Angeles, CA

“I actually began using Y.E.S. products twice daily in order to see how fast I could dramatically improve my skin after years of inadequate nutrition and sleep and overexposure to sun rays and tanning beds. And after one week of use, the Y.E.S. serum and cream combination lightened my very dark circles and brightened my skin with an added vibrant glow even without changing one other health variable in my daily routine. The Young Essential Skincare line is simply nourishing, invigorating, and satiny smooth that makes you feel quite fabulous.”

-Cindy Kay, PA

“When your skin has been challenged with a serious burn injury as mine, it’s hard to find a skin care product that soothes and moisturizes. I’m relieved to have been introduced to Y.E.S., Young Essential Skincare. By day three, I caught myself noticing how refreshed and nourished my face looked and felt – then I remembered the “new product I’d been using”. YES! I found a winner!"

-Lesia Cartelli, Founder and Director Angel Faces – www.angelfacesretreat.org

“This is a moisturizer unlike any I have tried. It smells like cake and has a gel like consistency. Like the serum,
a little moisturizer goes a long way. I liked the way it made my skin feel and noticed that it stayed hydrated
throughout the day.

After a month of using these products I did notice my skin looked a lot brighter. I also noticed that they lines
around my mouth seemed less noticeable and my skin felt soft and smooth.”

-Beauty Expert, Anastasia Papaionou – Bella Online – The Voice of Women

“This is no contest the best moisturizer I have ever used in my life! I love how it feels on my skin, I love how it
feels after I apply it, I love how it never, ever leaves my face shiny or my skin feeling weighted down. I love the
scent, the texture, the fact that my complexion has been clearer since I started using it…”

- Kristen King, Women’s Health Magazine



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