CP-24 Complex®

Science Backed . . . . Clinically Proven

Dermatologist Recommended

Great for all skin types

CP-24 Complex® is clinically proven to increase cellular regeneration by 250% within 24 hours!

Y.E.S. Skincare’s breakthrough formula stimulates skin cell renewal – bringing younger cells to the surface; regenerating and firming your skin.

CP24-Complex® is a breakthrough in essential skin care; utilizing organic plant cultures to maintain and enhance the function of skin stem cells. Y.E.S. Skincare’s proprietary formula targets the skin cells that are responsible for the rejuvenation of the skin; decreasing visible wrinkles and stimulating dormant stem cells – creating younger, fresher-looking skin.

The skin stem cells at the epidermal-dermal junction in your skin determine the longevity of the skin cells.  Our new plant stem cell technology, CP24-Complex®, activates and protects these skin stem cells while delaying terminal aging of skin cells at the surface.

CP24-Complex® is combined with powerful anti-oxidants, amino acids and organic botanicals that are essential to your skin.  By combining our stem cell complex with these additional powerful ingredients we are rejuvenating skin cell DNA, the core center for all cell renewal processes, literally giving aging skin a fresh
new cell.  The result is dramatically healthier skin which then minimizes the visibility of deep wrinkles and lines, improves the texture, smooths and firms your skin.  Using the combination of Y.E.S. Anti-Aging serum along with the Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream daily both morning and evening will provide all the nutrients your skin needs to maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

Skincare 101

Y.E.S. Skincare penetrates to the lower levels of the dermis with CP24-Complex®.


What the Pro’s say…

Beauty Expert, Anastasia Papaionou Bella Online – The Voice of Women – “This is a moisturizer unlike any I have tried. It smells like cake and has a gel like consistency.  Like the serum, a little moisturizer goes a long way. I liked the way it made my skin feel and noticed that it stayed hydrated throughout the day.

After a month of using these products I did notice my skin looked a lot brighter.  I also noticed that they lines
around my mouth seemed less noticeable and my skin felt soft and smooth.”

Beauty Editor at Barefoot Mommies.com – “This has got to be the BEST moisturizer I have ever tried on my face!  Sometimes you add moisturizer and your face feels like you just applied a bunch of makeup to it because it feels so heavy.  Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream is LIGHT; a little goes a long way!  You can really tell it’s evening out my skin tone.

I am 30, quite young I am always told . . . . But my skin doesn’t feel so young! I never cared for my skin when I was younger and now you can see the damage! Sun damage, never was I one to wear a sun block!  My skin tone is un-even, but let me tell you . . . . With Y.E.S. my skin is looking BEAUTIFUL and young again, like it’s supposed to!

I am honestly amazed by these products, and the Y.E.S. Anti-aging Serum is no different.  This as well is a little goes a LONG way and your skin, OMG will feel so soft and silky! It will leave you looking FLAWLESS!

Don’t we all need flawless skin?? . . . or at least WANT flawless skin?  Ladies, I’m telling you these products are amazing!